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Hotel Policies

Credit Card Policy

We do accept ALL-ACCESS, Greendot, Rush Card or any other rechargeable prepaid debit cards for the initial check-in but will be treated as cash and as such $100 will be required for deposit. Please be aware that use of debit or check cards to guarantee charges will create a hold on your account equal to all authorizations required. This can lead to an overdraft situation. Should this occur, please note that Premium Inn & Suites will not be held responsible for the overdraft charges.

Reservation Deposit

A valid credit card will be required and kept on file for the reservation. In place of a credit card, the guest may use cash as a deposit equivalent to the first nights stay. Reservations will be subject to a cancellation penalty according to the length of the stay.

Payment Policy

A valid credit card is required at check-in for payment of the room, taxes, and incidentals. Payment of which will be kept on until after check-out. If the guest is paying cash, a deposit equal to the room and tax per day will be collected at check-in.

Cancellation and Early Departure Fee

Guest care required to contact us at least 48 hours before their arrival date should they wish to cancel. Otherwise, the guest will be charged for the first night of their stay.

Check-In and Check-Out

Guest Check-In: 3:00PM    Guest Check-Out: 11:00AM

If available early check-in is available after 9:00 AM, however, an additional $10 will be charged. Late check-out is an additional $10 per hour until 1:00 PM. If the guest has not checked out by 1:00 PM, the guest will be charged for the next day.

Refund Policy

No refunds.

Smoking Policy

Premium Inn & Suites is proud that each of our guest rooms is smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas outside the building. Guest found to be smoking or burning anything in guest rooms will be charged $100, must be paid immediately, or the guest will be asked to leave. The fee will be charged each time.

Parking Policy

Premium Inn & Suites offers complimentary parking for its guests. Although we make every effort to provide a safe and secure area for your vehicle, Premium Inn & Suites will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles parked in the lot. You are required to register your vehicle to be allowed to park within the parking lot of the hotel. If you do not register your vehicle and park it within our parking lot, it will be towed away at your expense.

Wireless Internet Service

Complimentary wireless internet service is offered to all guest in their rooms and the lobby area. The hotel does not provide wireless network cards or any other personal equipment that may be required for your computer. Premium Inn & Suites does not guarantee service will work with your device.

Lost and Found

Premium Inn & Suites is not responsible for any stolen or lost items.


Strictly no pets allowed within hotel premises. If housekeeping discovers that you are in violation, you will be asked to leave without a refund, and you will be charged $100 per pet per night.

Guest Policy

All guest must be registered. No parties allowed. No visitors after 9:00 PM. If we receive any noise complaints, you will receive one verbal warning, and then we will evict you from our property without a refund. Zero tolerance for criminal activity, there will be no refunds.

Room Policy

You are responsible for the room you rent, meaning you are liable for any damages, missing items, etc. There are no candles or incense burnt or used in the rooms. Tampering with smoke detectors in the room will be considered vandalism and the full deposit will be charged. Room and room keys are not transferable to others. There are no exceptions to this policy. There is a $50 room deposit. When you check out and return the key, your deposit will be refunded to you. Key pick-up for the meeting-room will be allowed the night before between 8:00-10:00 PM for setup and arrangement. Please keep all guest room doors closed.

Cleaning Policy

Maid service is upon request only, do so by hanging the maid service sing on the front of the door before 11:00 AM or by asking at the front desk.

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